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Zero Fox Given: Police Grab BASE Jumper, But She Jumps Anyways!

Subscribe here http://bit.ly/Teem-YTube for more aerial awesomeness from Teem! For licensing/usage please contact: licensing@jointheteem.com ___ ...

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2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. | A Door In The Sky

French wingsuit flyers recently completed an unbelievable stunt following a B.A.S.E. jump from the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland. Fred Fugen and ...

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Dream Jump - Dubai 4K

What sounds like a nightmare for most is still a dream for others; to BASE jump off the world's second highest residential structure with the most qualified athletes ...

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That's one way to crash a pool party - BASE jumpers in Kuala Lumpur || ViralHog

Contact licensing@viralhog.com for licensing/usage info.) Base jumper John Van Horne, along with his buddies Matt Frohlich and Andy Lewis, are always ...

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Bladerunner: Wind Turbine BASE Jump

There are moments in life that are surreal... BASE jumping is widely regarded as the most dangerous sport in the world. When a jumper adds a little creativity to ...

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GoPro: Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave - Uli Emanuele

Uli Emanuele pilots what is possibly the most technical and difficult BASE jump ever. For the past 3 years Uli has been dreaming about and preparing for what ...

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How to become a BASE Jumper in 60 Days - Documentary HD

A guide on how to become a base jumper in 60days National Geographic: Adventure Wanted: The Eiger Base Jump All the challenges Joby Ogwyn undertook ...

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GoPro: Space Net BASE Jump

This totally insane Pentagon Space Net project was an ultimate dedication to a relatively unknown, extremely loved Moab Monkey named Daniel \

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GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

Professional BASE jumper, Jeb Corliss, suffered a life threatening crash while proximity flying during a routine BASE jump. This is the story of his long road to ...

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Why I love BASE jumping?

Skybridge 207m base jumping.

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GoPro: Roberta Mancino's High Fashion

Celebrate Valentines Day Roberta Mancino style! Roberta Mancino expresses her passion for fashion and her love of base jumping in this truly extraordinary ...

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Wingsuit Base Jumping in Switzerland Through Waterfall || ViralHog

Occurred 2015 /Switzerland Wingsuit BASE jumping through the a waterfall at the end of Lauterbrunnen Valley off and exit point called Low Ultimate - Matt Blank ...

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Most Incredible Basejump Site - Navagio Beach (Greece)

Watch this unreal Greek Basejump spot : Navagio Beach ! Shots : Gustavo Areias / Amy Shaw / Joe Nesbitt / Stratos Giamoukoglou Edit : Julio Blander The ...

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Using Science to Map a Wingsuit BASE Jump | National Geographic

A former fighter pilot turned wingsuit BASE jumper, Richard Webb explains how he and his fellow adventurists map out the ideal route for their wingsuit BASE ...

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What It's Like to Be a BASE Jumper | Cosmopolitan

Clair Marie (www.basegirl.com) is a 26-year-old BASE jumper from San Diego, CA. She's done more than 750 jumps since she became the youngest female ...

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BASE jumping into a plane mid-air. (Extended Version) | A Door In The Sky

Have you seen this yet? https://youtu.be/YL9sNrOlK-I Then you'd like this longer version of A Door in the Sky! French wingsuit flyers recently completed an ...

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SHANE MCCONKEY REBORN: BASE jumper leaps off Whistler gondola

Canadian authorities are looking for a BASE jumper who launched himself off a moving gondola 1430 feet above the ground in Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in ...

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Dean Potter BASE Jumps With His Dog | National Geographic

Filmmaker and adventurer Dean Potter doesn't always BASE jump alone. Sometimes he takes the plunge with his dog, Whisper, strapped to his back. This trailer ...

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Base jumper leaps from 530ft Beachy Head cliffs!!

Extraordinary moment a base jumper leaps from 530ft Beachy Head cliffs to rush to the aid of a friend who jumped first, smashing his hip on rocks and ...

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KL Tower 2017 BASE Jump 2017

My BASE jumps with friends at KL tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Base Jumper Flips Eight Times In One Jump

Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1m6su5O This is the moment a base jumper completes eight rotations in five seconds during an incredible jump. Maurizio Di Palma ...

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ATMOS Antenna BASE jump

The ATMOS BASE crew takes on a terminal antenna somewhere near Bolivia Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact ...

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Best of BASE Jumping @Navagio Beach | Negative4 Productions

Best of BASE Jumping @Navagio Beach | Negative4 Productions Footage filmed by Jimmy Pouchert ApexBASE - www.ApexBASE.com Brought to you by ...

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GoPro: BASE Jumping Alone with Neil Amonson

GoPro Athlete, Neil Amonson, travels to Italy to find solitude in his craft. Amonson says, “To actually experience all the things I'm feeling, I have to do it alone.

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Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump - 4K

Skydive Dubai sponsored Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a new World Record by BASE jumping from above the pinnacle of ...

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BASE Jumping Through Europe

My Summer Off Work .... So much fun!! Take a look Camera credits - Douggs, Sam Hardy, Mitch, David Laffargue, Brandon Chance, Alex Mukhin, Eduardo ...

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Interview - Climber, BASE jumper, and wing suit flyer Steph Davis - Outside Today

Steph Davis is one of, if not the, best female climbers in the world. Along with that on her resume, she BASE jumps and flies in a wing suit. OUTSIDE ...

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Epic Winter Stunt: BASE Jumper Rides Toboggan Off A Cliff!

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